About Us

Laura Martin – Life Coach

Life coaching, in simple terms, is a process of helping people to move from where they are now to where they want to or need to get to.

I have over fourteen years experience in the field of personal development and my aim as a coach is, to help guide my clients to realize their true potential and achieve success in both their personal and business life. Over ninety percent of my clients require guidance in relation to their health, well-being and fitness.I have devised the Empowerment program to tackle the most common barriers that stop people from achieving good Health & Well-Being. In our workshops our Health Coaching team will help people to release themselves from those dreaded feelings of self loathing and move them through to a feeling of enormous self confidence…..come and join us on a journey to EMPOWERMENT!!

What you can expect from a session:

  • To identify and set realistic and achievable goals
  • Identify any blockages or negative beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Set new positive beliefs and apply techniques to maintain them
  • Make  exercise something you really want to do
  • Gain increased confidence and self belief
  • Finally feel good about yourself 
  • It’s vital to improve a person as a whole on all components of fitness, working on their strength, speed, agility, flexibility as well as fitness, leaving clients feeling leaner, stronger and more confident in themselves and exercise!

    What you can expect from a training session:

    • A section of warming up, taking around 6-10mins
    • Dynamo stretches to prepare the muscles for movement.
    • Various leg exercises as the legs are the main fat burners with the largest muscles so your body works harder to pump the blood around the body
    • Specific toning exercises concentrating on endurance and conditioning of the body
    • Peripheral heart action is a great technique combining 1-3 exercises as the body works at its fullest to supply oxygen and pump blood to the working muscle
    • Core work – as this is an essential part of the workout
    • Cool down – involving bringing the heart rate down and performing developmental stretches to improve flexibility which will help with client’s posture and prevent injuries.
      Each exercise can be tailored to each individual and a full fitness test is offered to each client. The main objective for each session is for the participant to feel energised and have a real sense of achievement.

    With a combination of experience, knowledge and expertise we offer support both physically and mentally. Together we look at client’s minds as well as their bodies and work on the mental barriers which prevent people from achieving their goals. By using Life Coaching approaches, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & psychology and motivational analysis we can remove anxieties, old limiting beliefs and increase confidence and self esteem. By using functional training methods that keep your mind stimulated and takes the focus off how hard your body is working, we give our clients a mental workout which pushes their training