Mood Improvers

Prawns – “100g provides your entire RDA  of (reccomended daily allowance) tryptophan- an amino acid needed to make feel good serotonin- plus half your selenium, a minreal that works as an antioxidant “. Sprinkle with Chilli to up your fat burn.

Turkey- Another great source of tryptophan, 200g serving delivers 480mg of the stuff over and above your RDA. Steaming food keeps the calories down retaining the water.

Potatoes- a 250g spud packs in more than your half of your daily vitamin B6 which is needed to produce mood lifting serotonin. Try a baked Potato with cottage cheese and prawns for a double hit 🙂


“More and more women are developing a pronouced hump at the base of their neck and the mid back area” says Chiropractor and ‘spine sprink’ Dominic Cheetham DC. “This is due to hours spent crunched over tablets and ipads.” The results :”Their backs strat to resemble a question mark.” Here are tips to stay pain-free (and not look like Quasimodo).
Prevent this by taking posture time out, take a couple of minutes to realline your spine, 1) shoulders back 2) neck in line with spine feeling the mucles in the front of your neck contract 3) took tailbone in and feel core muscles engage. 4) most importantly stand tall imagine an invisible string running through the centre of your body and pull the string up above your head lifting your body upwards. Posture is the key to our physique.


Preventing Stomach Bloating, Many of us can often feel bloated after eating bread. A healthy alternative option is rye bread a quick and easy option of lowering calories and losing unwanted inches without the extreme diet, Along with the benefit of boosting energy levels finding a healthier alternative is a much more beneficial for the body and if you like bread you can still eat it regularly.The rye bread helps to increase satiety to leave you feeling more full and less hungry.

Eating more yoghurt can decrease body fat as your increasing your calcium intake. Less fat will mean less cellulite. Blueberries and Raspberries are full of vitamin C, Boosting collagen smoothing away the skins surface texture. They are also high in other antioxidants responsible for fighting toxins in the lymphatic system, prevent build up in cellulite-prone areas. Ginger Helps improve circulation. Bananas are rich in potassium, reducing water retention; also contain dietary fibre which speeds up metabolism. Papaya is high in beta-carotene; tropical papaya helps to make your skin look smoother. 🙂