“More and more women are developing a pronouced hump at the base of their neck and the mid back area” says Chiropractor and ‘spine sprink’ Dominic Cheetham DC. “This is due to hours spent crunched over tablets and ipads.” The results :”Their backs strat to resemble a question mark.” Here are tips to stay pain-free (and not look like Quasimodo).
Prevent this by taking posture time out, take a couple of minutes to realline your spine, 1) shoulders back 2) neck in line with spine feeling the mucles in the front of your neck contract 3) took tailbone in and feel core muscles engage. 4) most importantly stand tall imagine an invisible string running through the centre of your body and pull the string up above your head lifting your body upwards. Posture is the key to our physique.

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