The EP Program, has given me a new lease of life! I now have a different approach towards exercise and actually enjoy it!! It’s also given me the confidence to push myself that bit further….there are no limits!!! I now know I have certain strengths and also weaknesses which I never recognised before, exercise has always been very black n white to me ….not anymore !! I feel stronger and more energetic, it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore and all thanks to two fab ladies Julia & Laura …..Thank you both!

CLARE – 26
The Empowerment Program is very suitable for me. I hated the gym and felt I was very unfit, Within five minutes of being at my first class, I felt at ease and very comfortable. The classes are so much fun and enjoyable they are so beneficial. I have had weight loss, inch loss and a much needed confidence boost already. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jenna – 26

Empowerment program…. When I first started this programme I went into it already thinking that I would fail, that it would be another failed attempt at loosing weight, I hated exercise and I couldn’t get myself motivated and in the mood to do anything. I’d say, that after the first week that had all changed and by the beginning of the second week I felt like I could change my lifestyle, loose weight and also enjoy exercise!! I had no self belief and no confidence but now I feel more confident in myself and in exercising, I had my first comment yesterday when someone said I looked great an I’d lost weight! I was so made up! Without this programme I wouldn’t be feeling like I am now, this programme has showed me that anything is possible if you really believe in yourself! After every session I go home feeling like I’ve achieved something, I love it and don’t want it to end! Thanks for all your time an effort